Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Las Aguas de Bautismo Leave the Font

Soooo, I had a really interesting week this week, which included seven different companions, one baptism, one flooded church building and one 1-minute long earthquake! woohooo! 
On Tuesday morning my sweet companion Hna Ramos and I received the news that she would be going home the following morning. So, I helped her get all ready and before I knew it, she was gone. She will be happy in Brazil now that she can get better! On Wednesday I ended up with Hna Gillete, a new hna whose companion had also gone home. The problem was that we both had baptismal dates for the same day, at the same time. So that was complicated. What ended up happening was that we had to do divisions with members, a few nights in the week, other days we did with other hnas nearby, and lots of fun stuff. My comps this week included Hna Ramos, Hna Gillete, Hna Macarena, Hna Graff, Hna Fran Retamal who came to see Raúl get baptized, and Hna Loreto! And now I’m with my new comp and Hna Hancock who is with us while she waits for her comp to get here tomorrow. My new companion is going to be Hna Condori, from Bolivia. She’s super adorable. She’s super short, her head makes is to my shoulder, maybe! And she has the same time as me in the mission. We are going to be working part time in the office, and part time in the sector. Also, we are sister training leaders... ha-ha! I don’t know how we are going to do that with the office and everything, but it should be super fun! Anyway, I already love her. 

We had our baptism of Raúl on Saturday. The font takes three hours to fill. So, three hours before we turned it on, and two hours later we went to the bathroom and it was full of water. We still don’t know how, but the font filled up too fast, so the bathrooms filled up with water!! And the water in the font was cold and we couldn’t put any hot water in it because it was over full! It was super fun! 

Hna Retamal also came to the baptisms which was good because I felt weird. I was alone at Raúl’s baptism so it was good that she was there. Presidente King, an old mission president came and baptized Raúl. 

That’s all the time I have!

Hermana Stanley

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