Monday, January 28, 2019

Busy Week!

We had such a busy week, it was totally awesome! On Monday I got my new comp, who is totally awesome (and who i totally forgot to take a picture with...). On Tuesday I had to train my companion and another companionship how to do what we do in the office. That was fun! On Wednesday we had to be in the office and go to district meeting and I had to give the class about how to baptize with the help of the members! Then on Thursday morning we had Consejo de Liderazgo, its one of the things we have to go to as LIders capacitadoras. It was really interesting! Basically president tells us what the new plan de cambio will be and we as zone leaders and capacitadoras, plan the zone conferences, like what classes we are going to teach, or just in what things we need to work. For example, this plan del camio will be planificar para bautismo! How our planning makes a big difference. So we thought of some different classes we can to do capacitar the missionaries! I love it, it is super interesting! 

Also, every day this week, we worked out in our sector finding people from about 4 and on. it was hot this week ,super. On Saturday it was like 38 degrees or something, ALL DAY! But this week we found like 11 new investigators so I cant complain :) 
This week they will probably be assigning us the hnas that comp and i will be training, and that just basically means that they will come and do divisions with us a few days this cambio and we will work with them on their personal goals and in their sectors! Its gonna be super fun! I'm excited!  That's basically all this week! Please pray for our inv so that we can make good decisions for them, especially Rafael who has a baptismal date for this weekend. We aren't sure if we will move it or not so pray we can have the spirit's guide :)
Also please keep praying for Raul, the situation is still really bad with his daughter so he really needs our prayers!  Love you all!!
Hna Stanley

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