Monday, February 4, 2019

Hot Hot Hot!

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT! You guys would not believe the level of hot that it is here! I don’t know how many degrees 38 is in Fahrenheit, but I can tell you that it’s a lot when you are missionary and you live in the street all day every day, ha-ha. That was the average this week! 
The only real story that I want to tell is about Juliana! Juliana is a Venezuelan lady who works as the conserje (I don’t know what that is called in English) in the apt building where Rafael lives, and also a whole bunch of members, so basically, we are always there. We always said hi to her, and she always seemed kind of sad. I always wanted to talk to her more, but we never had time. But last weekend we had the perfect opportunity and she was so excited to receive us! She is 29 years old and has a 9-month-old baby. On Tuesday we had an appointment with her and we asked her what was keeping her from being close to God. She told us that sin, just small things in her life that she could tell she wasn’t doing well. So, we invited her to be baptized and receive a remission of her sins and start over. She accepted, and will be baptized on Febrero 16! 

There are SUCH PREPARED PEOPLE out there, like the Doctrine and Covenants says, that are lost and suffering just because they do not know where to find the truth. If we open our mouths, we can share the gospel with those people. You would not believe the difference in the countenance of Juliana. 

On Sunday she went to church and the members loved her! She loved Sunday school, about baptism and repentance! It was awesome!  And right after church, a Venezuelan family she had just met walked up to her and invited her to a family home evening in their house that same night. So yesterday we decided to go visit her at 6, and then head to the noche de hogar with her at 7. At 6 we get there and she’s not in her apt. We called her, and her phone was turned off. My comp and I offered a prayer, and we tried a few more things and then we couldn’t do anything else. So, we sat down on the curb, offered another prayer, and we waited for her to come home. We didn’t know where she was or anything, but we had so much faith that she would come back. We waited for almost an hour. And at 7:05 she got there running so she could go to the noche de hogar! It was a miracle, I had a prayer in my heart for the rest of the night just thanking god for that!! It was amazing! And Juliana was the life of the party also! Please pray for her!! Her name is said just like it sounds, not Huliana, but Juliana! 
Rafael did not get baptized, some things happened with his family, and in total, he needs a little bit more time. We hope that in two or three more weeks. Please pray for him too :)
Well, I love you a lot!! 
Hna Stanley