Monday, June 18, 2018

Eight Months!

Well, 😮😮😮 that’s basically how I feel about the fact that I hit eight months in the mission today, and sometime in the last few weeks it’s been a year since I opened my mission call. I don’t remember when but I remember June, ha-ha. Time goes by so fast! These last two weeks have been some of the most challenging of my life but it’s been good too.  More than anything, we´ve just been running to keep up with everything we have to do. ONE MORE WEEK! And then back to normal because the cambio (transfer) will end. The meta de excelencia (goal of excellence) of our mission for new investigators each week is ten. That’s a lot. We don’t meet that all that often, Hna Marques and I usually get between 7 and 10. In our first week with Hna Hudson, we managed to find 8. I was surprised beyond belief that we managed to keep our nuevos up. But this week, we found 13, I don’t know how that happened. This is actually the first time I have ever been able to find more than ten in one week with my companion. 13????? what??? I just don’t know how that happened..... That’s not true, it’s because Heavenly Father knows we are working hard, and he makes our time count for more because he knows its precious. 
I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what I’m gonna do with my life when I go home. I was thinking that I’m nervous that If I make myself really busy, I won’t have time to do the important things, like study the scriptures, go to the temple, do my ministering visits, and go help visit with the missionaries. But I realized that it will be the same in that moment too. If we fill our schedule with good things and we have desires to stay busy, but also keep finding time to those essential things, Heavenly Father will bless us so that we can make it work. If as a really important surgeon, and a teacher, a father with I don’t know how many kids, President Nelson could be called to serve as a stake president, we can all find time to labor with the Lord. Well, that’s all for the week!! I love you all, please write me! 

Hna Stanley 
PS - Estou falando muito portugues. Mia companhera disse que eu falo 
bem! (My companion said that I speak well)

Apparently Hermana Stanley found a turtle!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Crisis de Palta!

Well it was a giant week this week, but I have to start with what happened last week because I got lazy and didn't write! That teaches you all- Don’t procrastinate! 

Well last week on Monday night I was feeling really sick, and the assistants called me to let me know that on Friday, we would be having a conference of the whole mission, because Elder Bragg was gonna be coming. You NEVER see mission conferences in our mission so it was big deal. AND Presidente asked me to conduct a choir of missionaries, which would be my zone, Olimpo and my old zone, Maipú. I had zero voice at this point, and the only ensayo (rehearsal) we were gonna have was going to be on Wednesday, so I had one day to come up with a plan. I was like "Heavenly Father, I have never needed your help more than now." Especially because I don’t know how many of you guys know this, but Latino America is fairly musically challenged, ha-ha. So right away I thought of a hymn that my mom loves that is Sweet is the Work, or in Spanish, Dulce Tu obra es, Señor. As I was trying to find  simple way to make it less boring, but still simple, another tune kept coming to my mind, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Then after about 12 hours, I realized it was another hymn, which in Spanish in A Ti, Señor, and I think in english is Before Thee, Lord, I Bow My Head. So they happened to be in the same key, one in 3 and one in 6-- perfect!! So, I mashed them together, and made a medley :) It turned out lovely. I even found a companionship of elders that had lovely voices and two hermanas and they sang short little duets. We even got the bass and alto parts going there! (I didn’t even try the tenor ha-ha, they just sang the melody an octave down). SO in about an hour and a half we learned it all Wednesday, and Friday we performed it! It turned out great, and Elder Bragg and Hna Bragg were vey kind! So, I sat behind Hna Bragg coughing the whole conference, so she gave me two Nyquils, and two Dayquils. Brothers and Sisters, God sees you and He loves you!! The conference was Fantastic!!! Also, at some point last week, we had to go to the office unplanned to get the music ready, and there we bumped into Hna Marques’ cousin, who was there dropping off a package for her!! We aren’t allowed to organize visits, but this wasn’t planned by us, rather by God! It was very special :) 

Okay, this week. So first things first. It was very cold. Very very very very cold. And then it rained. I’m from Idaho and I was frozen to the bone ha-ha. I’m used to being froze to the bone, but I still don’t like it. Then on Wednesday we found out some very sad news. Rinconada, the sector right next to us, different ward but same church building. Well one of the hnas who was going home at the end of this cambio (transfer), had to go home early because her dad was very sick. Presidente decided not to rearrange the mission, rather to put Hna Hudson with us the next three weeks and we will be working in the two sectors. We have been SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO BUSY! You guys just don’t know. Two sectors, both of which have fechas bautismal (baptism dates), who we have to be able to see every day!! We’ve just been running between everything. Hna Marques and I had to move all of our stuff to go live in Rinconada. Luckily, the ward members have been a big help, and have been able to do divisions with Hna Hudson so she’s been able to work in her own sector and us in ours. It’s been good! But man you guys, the stress is just at a maximum, and we still have two more weeks. Half a of a cambio. It’s been a real challenge. I’ve been on my knees more times than ever, thanking him for the challenge and asking him to help us.

So in all this craziness, we had a baptism :) :) :) Valentina Paz sanhueza Espuina. I was here when we found this family. It was a reference from the members. No one knew their actual address, they just explained her house and we guessed which one it was- and we were right!! It has been so obvious the whole time that God sent us to her doorstep in the exact moment He wanted us to get there. The mom Katherine, came to church with Valentina the first time we invited them, but the dad has been bit harder. Very loving, but not that interested in coming back. But last week, he came to church, and Hna Katherine told us that he came on his own, without them asking him or anything! Then this week, they asked him to share his testimony at the baptism and it was beautiful. I was in tears!! He also ended up participating in the confirmation too!!! What a beautiful family and a beautiful experience to be able to have seen and helped!! I’m so grateful for it. When the service ended, Hna Katherine came right up to me and began to cry. She thanked me for having found them and helping. She said if it hadn’t been for us, she would still feel so lost and her family would be suffering, but they are so happy now!! I was so happy to see her so happy!! And her family too. Valentina was so prepared for her interview; her testimony is so strong!! 

Okay and crisis de palta (avocado crisis)! Here in Chile, right now avocado is ridiculously expensive. The whole country is outraged. It’s like they don’t even know how to live. It’s like a topic of discussion that avocado is so freaking expensive. Ha-ha! So much so that I was talking with a 16-year-old in our ward the other day, and I said "my companion loves palta, so always serve us palta when we come over (because she actually hates palta) and he said "what makes you think we are gonna give you palta hna?? It’s so expensive, estamos en crisis de palta (we are in an avocado crisis)!!" I just cried right then and there, it was so funny. So that’s our week. Please start praying that we can find a lot of members to help us and that we cannot get too stressed out! We need your help! I love you all. It’s all so worth it, every sacrifice we make for the mission and to live the gospel! 
Hna Stanley

 With Hnas Marques and Hudson
 Valentina's baptism!

Umbrellas out!

Monday, June 4, 2018


With Hna Marques, in line to get visas

President of Chile's house


With all of her companions, plus Hna Cooper