Monday, January 14, 2019

Answered Prayers

Hi family and friends, I love you all! I’m really excited to write you this week because in the whole week I could really see how God answered my prayers! I don’t really remember the beginning of the week, I just remember from about Thursday and on. On Thursday morning, I had said a really sincere prayer and had asked god to make His will known to me. All in all, it’s really hard to be in the sector because I have to worry about the office, my comp’s emotional state, and health, and then the few people we are teaching! I feel like I do a lot of it alone, so I prayed that god would let me know what to do. On Thursday after lunch, all of a sudden, I just felt like calling all of the people that we teach, (which are only three). Each one of them said that they would actually be available that evening, at 6, 7, and 8. PERMISO! So, I started making plans with a lady in my ward to go out and work. Then I couldn’t get a hold of her, then I couldn’t find anybody to stay with Hna Ramos, and I just kept thinking "God has opened up this door for me, we just have to figure out how the door works!" I knew he would make it possible, and OF COURSE He did! In the end we were able to do divisions, and I went to work with Maca. First, we went to Raul, who has a baptismal date for this weekend!! He is doing great!!!! Then we ran to teach Rafael, a young Venezuelan guy! WE PUT A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH HIM! February 2!! It was the best time I’ve ever taught lesson 1 I think (ok maybe not but it had been so long ha-ha). He was really excited to have the baptismal date! Then we visited Nadia and Rigoberto. Nadia is not a member and has never been willing to accept a baptismal date, but now she is pondering and praying about a specific date!! In the end we had to literally run to get home and to and meet back up with Hna Ramos, but we did it! And my foot didn’t even hurt. On Friday we had interviews with Presidente, and Hna Ramos and I were able to give lots of ideas to president about how we could get better in the office! It was great!! It made me feel a lot better. 
On Saturday the elders had a baptism and they asked me to play Jesus es mi Luz, which for whatever reason is like the hardest hymn in the hymn book for me, I just can’t get it! So, I was really nervous and I prayed a lot that god would help me. In the end....... well I lived through the experience, but let’s just say it was not pretty..... sometimes we have to admit our defeats, ha-ha. Also, we had invited Raul and Rafael to the baptism but neither came.... it was really disappointing and I went home a little bit frustrated with God again. I just wondered if he really heard me prayers. The next day, on Sunday, we woke up and started to call Rafael. His cell phone was off....... we got to church and we kept calling, but the meeting started and no Rafael. Also, we had asked a member to invite Raul to sit with him, but he didn’t do it... so Raul was alone, Rafael was not there, and my hands were shaking as I tried to play the piano. "God please hear me!!!" After a little while, I got through the sacrament hymn not too bad. Then a member got up and invited Raul to sit with him. Then Rafael got there :) and I felt Gods love so strongly. The things that matter to us really do matter to him! After the classes, a member of jas (ysa) was talking to Rafael and I asked when we could visit him. He put an appointment for that night, and the member invite himself (which is WONDERFUL). We had a great lesson and his fecha is really firm! 
I want you all to know that God loves you and he really cares about you and the small things in your life. 
Not much else is new here. An elder in my ward is from Italia and he’s supposedly teaching me Italiano but all I’ve learned how to say so far is "MAMA MIA"" (and he rolls his eyes every time I say it, ha-ha. I don’t know why but...:) Life’s good when you smile :) love you all!

Hermana Stanleycita

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