Monday, November 26, 2018

New Boot and Eyebrows

Hi everybody! As far as my foot goes, it's doing well. Last Monday I got a brand new boot, and this one is shorter which makes life nice because it’s not as hot or heavy. I had to get used to walking in it. The other boot was kinda crappy, so it let my foot move around a lot as I walked. This one’s better because it holds my foot in place better, but its less comfy to walk in :/ But I’m almost used to it now! Hna Miller and I are actually getting a lot of work done in our sector. I don’t know if I ever explained to you exactly what I am assigned to while I’m in the office, so I’ll explain it. When missionaries contact somebody, who lives in another sector, it’s called a reference. Usually, they call the office and the referral secretary puts it into google maps, finds it, and sends it on to the next missionaries. But president had the idea to start trying to talk to all of the references we receive in WhatsApp first, then put an appointment with them, and then send it onto the missionaries with an appointment. So that’s my job. It was really hard at first because president had the idea but he didn’t really tell us how to make it work. So, I kind of had to figure out the best way to do it! But we did it, and its working really well. For example, I made new pieces of paper that we fill out when someone calls with a reference. I made a whole system where we can organize which references had been added to WhatsApp, which ones we were waiting to see if they respond, and which ones are ready to send. I also made an Excel document to keep track of every reference that we get, if we talked to them on WhatsApp, if we put an appointment, for when and with who. Then I can call the missionaries after their appointment and see how it goes. That way president can track how well this is working. Anyway, I had a neat experience this week because there was one particular day when I just felt really inadequate, like I was doing my best to work but my best was just never going to be enough. One day in the office, an elder called to give a referencia, and he asked me if Iremembered putting an appointment with a guy named Dimitri, because he now has a FECHA BAUTISMAL (baptismal date)! I felt so good! I was reminded that I am making a difference here, even if I can’t do that walking 12 hours a day. 

Also, I think I mentioned this last week too, but Hna Woodward put
together kind of a neat thing for Christmas. She has pulled together a few
missionaries who have musical experience and made a choir. Three days a
week we practice, and on the weekends in December, she is going to drive
us around the mission and have us sing in parks and plazas and stuff so
that people come see us, then we will give them a tarjeta for ilumina al
mundo (card for Light the World)! It’s gonna be great!! I’m having a great
time. Today Hna Woodward asked me to sing a duet of O Come, O Come
Emanuel, so I was learning that today!  I’ll take some videos so you can
hear us :) 

Another big thing happened this week!! ha-ha you’re really gonna freak on
this one............ 
I DYED MY EYEBROWS!! hahahaha... or in other words, I now have eyebrows.
One of the hnas I live with has really blonde hair like me, and one day I
saw her dying her eyebrows and I thought "I would like to have the
experience of having eyebrows..." so I did it. ha-ha I LOVE THEM!
Today my comp and I found out two things.  My companion is a lider
capacitadora (sister training leader), which means that four times in the
next two weeks, she has to do divisions with some hnas to capacitate them
:) but the other hna we live with also is, which means that in our teeny
tiny little apartment that has 1 bathroom and is too small for 4 of us,
will have 8 hnas in it for a while :) woohoo!! It’s gonna be so fun! 

And the other interesting thing we learned today, there is an Hna close by
to us who is really suffering from her back. She has decided that she will
be going home early in two weeks, with Hna Miller. But for now, she will
be in the office full time, and Hna Miller will be going out and working
in the two sectors with Hna Retamal’s comp. The only thing is that
president isn’t really sure what to do with me because it is painful for
me to walk very much. So it would make sense to leave me in the office
with Hna Retamal during the day. The problem is that the doctors said that
I need to walk in order for my foot to heal (which I’m still not totally
convinced on that one. seems counterintuitive to make someone with a
broken foot walk, but whatever). So president can leave me in a trio with
Hna Ribidino and Hna Miller like before. But they are going to have to
work really fast since they have to be in two sectors, and I walk/work
super slow so that’d be a pain in the butt. I don’t know what’s going to
happen, I’m super over the whole emergency transfers thing but whatever...

I love you guys a lot. Sorry I’m a little scattered today, it was a big
day, ha-ha. I love you, hope you have a great week and hope you all write
me one day this week :) 
PS - attached is a pic where you can really see my eyebrows :)
(New) Eyebrows!

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