Monday, December 3, 2018

Hermana Slumber Party!

Hi everybody!
President kind of changed my situation again. This week, I kept my same
comp, Hna Miller, but during the day, I stay with Hna Retamal in the office, because
she has a bad back. President put an add on Facebook and so we started
getting a lot of messages from people, but like hundreds every day. I got
to sit an answer them. I really, really like it! You would be surprised
how quickly people tell us their problems, we just say "hola, como esta?"
and they’re like "actually I’m going through a really hard time.” I think that
really says something about the power and authority that we have as
missionaries! They can’t see us and the don’t know who we are, but
something deep down tells them that they can trust us, and that we can
help them! It’s really interesting. We have found a lot of really
receptive people that the missionaries have started teaching! We are
teaching Gladys y Cristoff, who are Haitians, and are going to be getting
married on Saturday and baptized on Sunday!! Woohoo, I’m pumped because we
are planning a wedding! It’s gonna be gorgeous. Also, another fun thing
that happened this week is that Hna Miller is a sister training leader, so
on Friday, we had two hnas sleeping with us I our house. The other fun
thing is that the one of the other hnas who live with us is too, so she
also had two hnas sleeping in our house. That means a great total of 8
hnas in our house at the same time!!! SOOOOOO FUNNNNNNNN!
Hahaha that’s really all I have to say this week, sorry guys :/ We are
working on this choir thing, Hna Woodward took some videos, so I think
maybe I’ll get a copy to send to you all. Also, the Haskells invited us to
eat dinner with them this week, super fun they are from Pocatello Idaho :)
Love, Hermana Stanley

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