Monday, November 19, 2018

It's Been So Long!

Hey everybody! The subject line has two meanings. 1) that it’s been so long since I wrote a group email, and 2) that it’s been so long since I came on the mission. This week I hit 13 MONTHS. Can you believe it? I can’t.

This week was a really good week! On Monday night, Hna Miller and I were walking to the office and hablando con todos (talking with everyone) as we do here in our mission, when we saw a little Haitian lady that looked pretty sad, so we sat down to talk to her. We found out that she is a really faithful lady, but as we asked if she lived close by, we could see that there was the problem. She told us that she lived with her pastor, but one day the lady just decided to kick her out, and her two-year-old son and her had been living on the streets for a few days. She broke down, you could just tell that she did not know what to do or why God was making her go through that. But as she broke down, she took a moment, and then she said to herself, as if to remind herself "I am Christian. God has to help me; I am his daughter." I LOVE THAT! In the hard moments of this situation, I try to think that. I believe in Christ, that He is here to help me. And God has to help me because I am His daughter and He loves me!

Anyway, tonight we have an appointment with her and we are going to see what we can do to help her. She was sitting there selling water bottles, and she said I looked thirsty so she gave me one. I couldn’t accept it for free so I bought it from her. The only thing is that instead of buying for mil pesos or something, I bought it for 10 mil pesos, hahahah (kinda worked around the rules on that one hahah woops). It’s not much anyway but I hope she's okay!

We also have two investigators from Haiti right now who're going to be getting married and baptized on the 8th of December. They’re awesome! We have another Haitian named Rosemenne (Wos- men) who has a baby but just found out that her husband (though she’s not married) had an affair and has other children in Haiti. She is really struggling so we need you guys to pray for her a lot! The cool thing is that my creole has gotten way better. In Padre Hurtado I got to the point where I could teach some points in the lesson, but I’ve never learned how to speak fluently. But my comp speaks really well so we practice together and now I can speak pretty well. The Haitians compliment me :)

Also, this week was a big music week for my comp and me. I always knew that if Hna Miller and I were comps they’d make us do stuff! I played the piano for sacrament meeting, but I also accompanied for the primary program, I’m also directing and playing for the ward choir next week and Hna Woodward has a project that she’s working on that involves us singing! More details on that next week!

But yep! I love my sector, my comp is just the absolute best comp ever, we have sooo much fun together all the time! Life’s good :)

Love you all lots!

Hna Stanley

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