Monday, November 12, 2018

Rockin the Boot

Update on Hermana Stanley: She does have a fracture in her foot. It will take 10 weeks to heal. She has to wear a boot for that whole time. 24/7 for the first 6 weeks, then only during the day for the next 4 weeks. She can walk on it, so she is back to doing some tracting. Thank-you to everyone who has sent her words of encouragement!

From her letter this week:
I am doing a lot better this week. It was a good week, even though it was hard some times. My companion Hna Miller is the best. She is so caring and understanding. She’s good at helping me get excited. Hna Miller and I speak Creole together during the day, because she knows a lot so I’ve gotten a lot more fluent since I’ve been with her! We are teaching a lot of really great people. My new ward Monumento is really a unique ward. We have two investigators who are going to get married and baptized on the 8 of December, and their daughter Aisha is the cutest thing ever. Hna Miller and I have been singing for everybody all the time, we have so much fun, and the bishop asked me to put together a choir for ward conference. Also, I played the piano on Sunday. I don’t know how I did the pedal ha-ha, I just set my boot down on top of it and lifted up my whole leg when I needed to. I’m also playing for the primary program next week. Let’s just say I’m getting good at sight reading, ha-ha! 

I live with two other hnas who are really cool. I took pics with them, one is Chilean and she is waiting for her visa to come so that she can go to Mexico! 

Every day we got into the office for a few hours, and I’m in charge of managing the referrals that go to the missionaries. I’m trying to do a good job at it. My comp and the other hnas are assigned to WhatsApp and Facebook, which seems really cool, but they’ve made it pretty clear that I am not assigned to WhatsApp because I am not Latina... that’s kind lame but whatever.  
I’m doing okay now, don’t worry too much about me. It’s gonna be okay, I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but it’ll be okay :) I love you, thanks for everything you do to help me. I can really feel the love that you all send my way. 
Love Hna Stanley

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