Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Las Conquistadoras del Conquistador

Holi, como estai??  This week, a number of fun things happened!! On Wednesday, I hit 9 months! My hump day has officially come and gone. It’s really crazy! Hna Harques and I had a small spa night. I did pics, but the computer isn’t working today, so it’ll have to be next week! But anyway, I also had my interview with Presidente, which was great! We talked a little bit about how, as Christians, we are trying to put off the natural man, and that is a lifelong effort. It’s hard sometimes because we are always fighting temptations, and it’s not a battle that we fight and win one time, but rather a battle we fight everyday of our lives as we strive to be more like Christ. It’s a beautiful sacrifice that we make as Christians. 

I want to tell you a story. It all started several years ago, when the elders of El Conquistador were probably knocking doors or something when they found a young guy named Pablo! Then a few months ago the elders found him in their area book. They started teaching him, and they invited him to an activity. He invited a good friend Dayana, who’s 21. Remember that Luau we had? Well, Dayana decided to come to our luau, and then the elders started teaching her. Dayana had a lot of potential, but she wasn’t progressing a whole lot, so this last week, they decided to pass her to Hna Marques and Hna Stanley (who we will refer to as las conquistadoras in our story :) SO, las conquistadoras went to visit her, and when they got there, the met Dayana’s friend, Caterine. Caterine, was very interested, and said that she felt like her family was very far from God. So we invited her to come to a Talent Show activity we had on Friday! Caterine came, with her mom and sisters! The members there invited her to church, and even though Caterine never told the hnas that she was going to go, on Sunday morning, she showed up with her mom, dad and sisters

It was a miracle!!! On Sunday night, las conquistadoras went to visit the family, and they invited all of them to baptized in two weeks. Each member of the family accepted!!!! And that’s how las conquistadaoras got to be teaching a whole entire family that is going to be baptized in two weeks!!WHAT????????????????

CAN YOU GUYS SEE HOW HEAVENLY FATHER WORKS MIRACLES??? I just want you all to know that I testify that He has a plan, and it is perfect. And the point of his plan is so that YOU can be happy! So what do we learn from this story?? A few things. For current and future missionaries:  1. write in the area book diligently 2. invite everyone to activities 3. teach to find and find to teach. 4. believe in the people, believe that they really are looking for something!! 5. invite people to make an keep commitments, because you never know when they’ll accept!! 

Well Hna Marques and I are obviously a little bit ultra-stressed out because that means we have four investigators with fecha bautismal. I’ve never had more than two at a time!! I really want you all to pray for our fechas. Pray for Abel, who will bv be getting baptized on Saturday, and pray especially for Caterine, Carola, y Victor Gangas Figueroa! Pray that they can pray and ask Good if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And pray that the answer can come quickly, that they can recognize it and act on it!! PLEASE HELP US WITH YOUR PRAYERS. This family really needs your help!!!! Well, I love you all a lot, and that’s basically the big time highlight of what happened this week. I love being a missionary!

I love you all,

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