Monday, July 30, 2018

A Baptism!

Hi hello everyone! I’ve missed you all so much!! But we had a good week here in El Conquistador!

Abel was baptized this week!! He was so ready for it. The elder who interviewed him told us he feels like Abel will be someone who helps his family to stay active in the church! On Saturday he was baptized! It was a really interesting baptism because our ward isn’t very good at getting to things on time, so like twenty minutes after we were supposed to start, the choir was getting there to practice the musical number. But the font got filled up this time, so that’s the most important!! Our ward mission leader Luis, was gonna direct the baptism, and baptize Abel. So as they went into the other room to do the baptism, we ran outside to take a few pics with him in all white. But when we got back, we found out that Luis realized right as he headed to change his clothes, that he forgot his white clothes, so we had to hunt down a member with a car to run him home and get them, come back, change his clothes, and then do the baptism. So in the meantime, we all sat down in front of the font and we all sang some hymns together. It was actually a really special moment, even though it wasn’t planned!  The family was on the front row, picking their favorite hymns. We sang I Stand All Amazed, Called to Serve, We are All Enlisted, Nearer My God to Thee, all those good ones! Abel was really enjoying that moment, and his mom and dad even got a little emotional. it just goes to show that Heavenly Father has a plan! Everything happens for a reason. As the Chileans say "todo es por algo." In the confirmation, there was a part I especially liked, that they blessed Abel that he would be a light for his family, in this life and the next, that he would bless and minister to his brothers and sisters in his family, and in his faith. It was very special!! It was an honor to have been able to work with him!! 

This week we have another baptism! It’s gonna be Catherine or “Cati”. Her parents were going to be baptized with her, but we found out that they are passing through some family problems, and they need a little bit more time for them to be ready. But I know that Cati will be a light for her family and help them maintain the goal of being baptized! We are very excited to work with them!! 

Funny story of the week. On Sunday morning, an investigator named Javiera who is 15 got to come to church with one of the young men that lives near her. But she arrived with her dog, because he followed them all the way from her house! So it just comes right on into the church (which is not that uncommon of a thing in Chile :). So we are all trying to kick it out and it just keeps escaping us. Finally, we get it out and we take Javiera to her class. She was so embarrassed her dog came in, ha-ha! But then we came back out and we realized that one of the members came in, and the dog got back in, and it ran into the chapel, where the other ward was getting ready to have sacrament meeting. So it just starts running through the whole church building, and Hna Marques and I are running behind it screaming "Jesse, Jesse ven!!" trying to get it out before Javiera sees it. Hahaha! So then we lost him, but we knew he was in one hallway. So my comp goes to peek in one room, and I go to peek in the other. Jesse comes running out the room where I looked, and goes booking it down the hallway. My comp steps out of the room and just biffs it right on top of Jesse. She gets nailed by this dog and just hits the floor. I’m just in tears by this point (laughing). So we finally get it out and we go to the bathroom to clean ourselves a bit. My comp says "can you believe we had to kick a dog out of here?" and I said "ya, but at least we managed to do it". And then the door slowly opens and in walks...... JESSE THE FREAKING DOG!" I cried again. Hahahahhahahhahahhah! You guys it was so funny... so long story short, wash, rinse, and repeat, and we got him outta there!
Wish us luck with our baptism this week! Les quiero muchisimo! 

Hna Stanley

 Abel's Baptism!

Trying to stay warm with no heater! 
What Hermana Stanley wears under her boots to stay warm

Spa night!

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