Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hump Day!

Well, its official. I honestly never thought this day would get here, but I have officially hit my halfway mark. Well, I hit it tomorrow. Its honestly a little bit sad, sort of bittersweet. I was a little down yesterday because it hit me in a very real way that this experience that is SO unique- is halfway over. And in only nine months more, I have to be an adult- no more excuses :/ ha-ha but I’m not trunky, don’t worry!!  

Not a lot happened this week. We are in vacaciones di invierno right now, so a lot of people are travelling, and yesterday was a dia feriado (a day when no body works) so it’s been pretty dead. But we enjoyed igual (the same)! Hna Marques and I always have a good time, it pretty much doesn’t matter what’s going on in our lives, we laugh and smile! On Friday, we also had divisions with our lideras capacitadoras!! My capacitadora was...... HERMANA SCHENK. Ugh I love her. It was so fun to be with her for a day again and learn from her and all that. We had such a good time, and she cut my hair :) Don’t freak out, it was the smallest hair cut I’ve ever had in my life, she literally just cut what was dead and now my hair feels great!! 
As a spiritual thought this week, I’ve been reading in the book of Ruth. I love her story! And I’ve been thinking about what qualities Ruth possesses that we should all try to have. I decided that above all, she has two things- Constance, and Selflessness. She didn’t think about others as she stayed with her mother in law, she was constant in her decision to follow her, provide for her, and in the end she played an important role in her posterity! God was able to work through her because she was constant and selfless. May we all be able to be a little more like Rut this week :) Love you all lots! 

Hermana Stanley

 Idaho Girl!

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