Monday, August 20, 2018

Padre Hurtado a El Quisco - a 15 hour trip

HI everybody, this is your favorite birthday girl writing 😄 heehee. Everyone’s making a big deal out of it, which is great :) ha-ha. This was a great week. Let me start at the beginning. 

On Monday, last pday, my companion tried her first empanada de queso, 100% as good as it sounds- and CHEAP!  Then we changed into our grubbies and we went ham on the house, ha-ha. Our house was really, really dirty. To all you missionaries out there - When you leave a house, don’t leave it dirty!! Then on Tuesday we were headed around visiting some really great people!! In the evening we went to visit one of our two progressing investigators, Tanya. I think I talked a little bit about her last week. Anyway, she sat down and told us that she hadn’t read the BoM because she had heard of a couple places in which the BoM contradicts the bible. She had a list of questions. It was interesting, because it really wasn’t with the intention of fighting with us, she really wanted to know. I remember during that lesson thinking "If there was ever a moment in my mission in which I need the Spirit, this is it Lord." My sweet companion didn’t know much what to do or say, but she did a great job of testifying of the Book of Mormon. One of the good questions was that the Bible says that we are born as sinners, but the BoM says that little children are innocent. So we were able to use the scripture that says that the natural man is an enemy to God, because of his fallen state, and for that we need to become submissive like a child. I think it really helped her to understand how the book of Mormon doesn’t just go along with the Bible, but how necessary it is, because with only the Bible, we lack information! Some of her other doubts included the Lamanite curse of the skin, also about if the fall was necessary or not. Why the BoM says that many plain and precious things would be taken from the bible, and of course that of apocalypse. It was a hard lesson, but I was so touched! I was able to see how the BoM really does have the answers, because we were able to answer every single one of her questions using the same Book of Mormon!! Then on Wednesday, we had a ward activity! It was a completada, which means we make completos: Tanya came!! My companion and I gave a message about Emma Smith. All of you go watch the video una dama elegida (I don’t know how it would be in English) you will all cry!!! But yah the activity was great! By this point I had already lost my voice pretty good, but I was feeling okay. Then on Thursday morning, my comp and I got up at 4 in the morning, to get on a bus with a couple of elders and go to our multi zone conference. The cool part was that they decided to have it on the coast, one of the church buildings that’s just right on the beach, a pueblito called El Quisco. So we got on a bus with four elders, until we got to Melipìlla, which was about an hour. Then in Melipilla we headed over to San Antonio which was like 2 hours in bus, and literally about 50 missionaries hahaha!!! The poor elders had to stand almost the whole time!! Then from San Antonio to El Quisco, which was another 45 minutes, a teeny little bus and the same amount of missionaries. IT WAS SO FUN!! 

So on these many busy trips, I had less and less voice. Little by little I started to cough and feel worse and worse. But it was SO FUN I was having the time of my life. The conference was good. We got to walk down in front of the beach to take pics!! We took of the zone, my comp with Hna Sandall, my group from the CCM, it was so fun!!!! But yah, on Friday, we didn’t leave the house, I was dying in bed. I coughed and coughed all night. We left at night to get a blessing from elder Dickson an Elder Rindlisbacher (its funny because elder R is the elder who gave me a blessing last time I was sick ha-ha). On Saturday, we also didn’t leave, still dying in bed, I watched every single movie that we had in the house, and now I have seen every movie we are allowed to see! It was painful because I wanted to go work, but I kind of couldn’t breathe. Not much happened on Sunday either, I coughed through the whole Sacrament meeting, so the little ladies sent me home to get in bed, and they made me a drink a really awful tea of lemons and honey. Bad bad bad bad bad.... But I did feel a lot better by the end of yesterday so today, we went to play volleyball with the zone!!! IT WAS SO FUN, I love spending time with lots of missionaries, so fun!! We are doing great here in Manzano!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, it’s weird to know that I’m leaving the teens but I’m A-okay with it. A family invited me to take once with them tomorrow so it’ll be good :) I’ll send pics of my house next week, now that it’s all clean :) 

(almost 20-year-old) Hermana Stanley


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