Monday, August 27, 2018

Birthday Week

Hi everyone! 
This week was actually really, really good. I don’t really know why it went so well, but hey no complaints :) It started off with my birthday. I thought about my birthday and realized that it was probably just gonna be lame no matter what I do, and I realized that these 18 months aren’t mine! And I only have one birthday to give to the Lord, so I decided to ask for my birthday to be able to find four new investigators. And we DID!!! And all of them are so good, they all have a lot of potential!!! Especially a little old lady who name is Gloria. When went in to her house and found and even older, littler lady. It was her mom, who had Alzheimer’s. Gloria told us that she really hasn’t felt very happy in her life, and she’s not sure what she needs to do to be happy!! 
By the end of the week, we found 17 new investigators, which is A LOT. And we had six people that went to church with us! This week in Chile, we had a special conference with all of Chile, and the First Presidency. It was really good!! They put a lot of focus on the family because it’s a big weakness in Chile. I really liked that they invited all of the families in Chile (and so I’m inviting my own family) to pray as a family every day. But they were really specific, every morning to start the day and every night to end it!! I loved it!! Also the other big weakness of Chile is tithing, so they talked a lot about it. Maybe you guys can look it up on the internet and read it, it was really good. We brought five Haitians to the conference, and an investigator who needs to get married!! The best part was that it was kind of far, in Peñaflor, and we are in a little town between Maipú y Peñaflor, called Padre Hurtado. So our ward contracted a bus. As we were going home, my comp and I got up top get off, but I went to go talk to an investigator first. Well, my comp didn’t see that I hadn’t gotten off, so she got off, and the bus rolls out. I didn’t realize either, so the elders start saying "Hermana, Hermana, Hermana!!!" I was like "what???" they’re like "your comp?" I was like "Bishop!!!!!!! I don’t have my companion!!!!" It was funny but it also almost killed me too, ha-ha. 
Today as a zone we went and played volleyball!! It was fun, my team won :) 

Well, sorry I’m a little scattered this week, hopefully next week will be better. 
Have a great week! 
Hna Stanley

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