Monday, May 7, 2018


It’s gotten nice and CHILE here. I wear my coat every day, but not necessarily all day, ha-ha. In the afternoon it can still get kind of warm. I still don’t know why or how, but the bishop’s wife somehow ended up with bags and bags of extra clothes, like a whole carful (literally the whole entire car) and she let us pull out whatever we wanted, so I’ve got lots of sweaters now. BLESS HER. 

I spent 7 hours straight today on my feet waiting in a big long line here in Santiago, trying to get my visa. At six months, we have to go and get our visas, and it can take up to two or three p-days. All day. Waiting in lines. It’s like Disneyland minus the fun. But I was my hnas from the CCM (MTC) so that was kinda okay. It means I’m literally just dead right now. In the end, the office always closes at 2, and right at 2, but we got up to the door but we had to leave, so we didn’t even finish the first step and there are three!! But we got an appointment to do it tomorrow so that’s good. I don’t know how much you know, but Chile is a very diverse pais (country), because the economy is good. We have a TON of haitianos, venezolanos, peruanos, y colombianos. Especially here in Santiago. Well, the government just changed the rules about visas, and now a whole bunch of people are illegal and are gonna get kicked out. So people have been frantically trying to get their visas. That makes getting our visas wayyyy more complicated. Not complicated, just longer. 

We had a good week. We had 3 people in la capilla el domingo (at the chapel on Sunday). I’m sorry, sometimes it’s just easier to communicate in Spanish. Maria Angelica who will be baptized al 19 (on the 19th), Valentina (otra niña de 9 años que es hija de menos activos, another 9-year-old girl who is less active) and Moises, a 27-year-old Venezuelan who lives with members. Also super cool! It really was a good week! This week we went to contact a reference that we had gotten, and the lady wasn’t home, but the son says, "puedo yo atenderlas?" and were like, ....uh if you want... yaaaaaaa. As we said the closing prayer he cried. So SWEET. It was a good week! 

I love you and I’m super excited to talk to you in a few more days! 

Hna Stanley

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