Monday, May 14, 2018


Hi hello everyone! I hope everyone called their mom for Mother’s Day and had a pretty poem ready for her :) I know I did! I always enjoy talking to my family over skype, because it reminds me why I’m sacrificing this time with them, that it’s so worth it even though I love them so much!! 

Well something we never thought would happen, happened this weekend!! We had cambios (transfers) this weekend, and let me show you the probability of what could have happened.
1. llontop and I stay together 
2. our sector gets closed 
3. I leave and she says
4. she leaves and I stay

BUT Presidente has gone a little crazy, and so.... Hna llontop said goodbye to Conquistador after a whole three weeks here :) The other big news is that.... ugh I’m so nervous but... I’m gonna be senior companion now.....

I know you’re all in shock, me too. No one ever thought they’d put me in charge of the safety of another hna so it’s gonna be interesting. PERO BUENO, I’m very excited because my new companion is named Hermana Marques and she’s from BRASIL!!!!! BRASILLLLLLLLL I’M SO EXCITED!! She’s from San Paulo, she’s 20 years old, and this is her fourth cambio in the mission. She’s one group behind me :) I already love her, she’s literally the coolest. What’s the absolute coolest about these cambios is that Hna Marques was trained by Hna Machado, and Hna Machado is the current companion of Hna Dinamarca (who trained me)!! The moms are together and the daughters are together!!! Hnas Dinamarca and Machado were freaking out when they found out :) Even cooler, is that it is very likely that Dinamarca and Machado will be our capacitadoras (training leaders)! Which means we will get to go do divisions with them!! So, can everyone please fast and pray that that happens? Thank-you. 

Everything is good for Maria Angelica’s baptism this weekend! She actually got sick this week so she wasn’t able to come to church, but her family still came!! We were so happy!! The baptism will be Saturday, and Friday, our ward is having a luau, put on by the missionaries!! It’s gnna be BAKAN (cool in Chile). It’s getting nice and cold here , but I’ve got a good coat, and the goal is to stay warm by running between appointments because so many people want to get baptized!!

Vamos Hna Marques y Hna Stanley

Farewell Hermana Ilontop!
New companions and old companions!

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