Monday, April 2, 2018


Well friends and family. It’s the big news I didn’t think I would have to give. I got transferred this week! I am going to a sector called El Conquistador. It is in in Zona/stake Olimpo! I am actually literally just hopping over about two sectors; they just happen to be different zones. Actually, my sector is still technically in Comuna Maipu. I’m going to be with.... ........... HERMANA PEREZ. She is Chilena, she is going home in October and she trained Hna DJ. She is good friends with la Dinamarca! I am a little nervous. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to my first sector. I loved it there. I grew A LOT and I had a lot of really good memories. Saying goodbye felt like leaving so many people I LOVE so much. I found out on Saturday night I was leaving, and I kept it together pretty good. But on Sunday, we got home from saying goodbye to just the few people I got to say goodbye to, and I immediately went outside on our patio and cried, ha-ha. But Hna Arcos came out and sat with me and helped me remember that I would find that same love in my next ward! I know it’ll be okay.  It was so hard to say goodbye because God has given me such good experiences here. I’ve been so blessed. But I know that Heavenly Father wants to bless me in El Conquistador! And if he wants to give me some challenges, I’ve learned in the mission that it is our divine potential and divine purpose to progress. That’s the essential part of the Lords plan. I’ve also learned that we are happiest when we are fulfilling HF’s purpose for us. So in order to be happy we have to progress, and in order to be progressing, we have to have challenges. I’m loving being a missionary. Every time Heavenly Father puts me in a hard situation, I feel like I’m not going to be able to handle it, let alone enjoy it. Every time I just put my trust in Him, and I ended up loving the mission even more! 

WOW I have just been looking forward to conference so much!! And not just because its eight hours off our feet and out of the sun :) added benefit! It’s such a HUGE BLESSING that we take for granted to have a prophet. To have HFs guidance in our lives. Without Him we are lost, so let’s try to appreciate his words more, and those of all of the Lord’s servants. 

Love you all, I’m excited to have more info for you all next week! chao, les quiero!! 

PS - I got to watch one session with the Smiths in their house, and then we ate GRINGO TACOS. They had cheese. Chileans are seriously lacking cheese!

5 Months!

Waiting for the micro
 Hermana Silva
Las Hermanas

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