Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Good Week

Yesterday in correlation the elders asked what happened with Marta. Well Marta changed the minute we had cambios (transfers), so nobody who is here now really knew her before. Except Karim (the ward mission leader). So I got a little choked up when I explained. I feel like it just finally hit me and nobody else understood why I was crying. So Karim made me feel better and then he pulled out his preach my gospel and made me read a part about how it’s natural to feel hurt when we see people turn away from the gospel, it means we love them, but we can’t get discouraged. It helped me a lot. It also made me cry more but it’s fine ha-ha.

Cambios are next week and I am PRAYING I don’t get moved. I kind of don’t think I will since presidente just had me start this singing class thing. Nobody came this week, but pres told me to just keep going for the next few weeks. We had a really neat experience this week. We have been teaching this haitiano (who speaks perfect español) named Jonny. He is adventista (7th day adventist) He is soooooo spiritual. He loves studying the scriptures, so we have really moved our focus on the Book of Mormon/libro de mormon/ liv momon an. He told us that he had a near death experience a few years ago. He said he was living a bad life, into some bad stuff. And after his accident he went unconscious for five days. During that time, two young mormon girls started visiting him. They asked him "Jonny, if God reached out to you, would you accept Him?" and he said of course. But in his dream, he was confused because he knew that he was adventista, so he said “okay we will let god decide. If the girls come back, I’ll be a Mormon." Well then he woke up, and one year later, here we are in person!! He is so amazing because he says "si Dios me dice Jonny andate por alla, yo voy a su iglesia altiro y digo que quiero ser bautizado!" I hope you guys understood that ha-ha, if not ask grandpa. We are hoping to make some real progress with Jonny!! 

Another big announcement! I have officially switched my language study time over to creole. I’m dying. we have the cutest little haitiana that came with us to church and everything, but she doesn’t speak a WORD of Spanish. I can teach lesson 3 in creole, and parts of lesson 1. It’s time to go full force ha-ha. 

It was a good week! Heavenly Father is preparing the hearts of the people here!! Being a missionary is the bomb! 
Talk to you all next week! 
Hna Stanley

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