Monday, January 15, 2018


Well what a week :) First, remember how I told you all about our miracle Cristobal? He found us on the street and we started meeting with him a bunch this week, and now he has a baptismal date for the third of February! He came to church yesterday and he loved it!! Really, seeing the change in him in just one week has been such a miracle and I’m honored to get to see it more! At the end of my training my companion will have six months here in Maipu which means that she is going to leave and I have at least three more months here :) I’m perfectly content with that :) On Tuesday night I started to feel really sick to my stomach. We went to an investigator’s house for an oncecita, and they realized I was feeling sick because I couldn’t hide it on my face, but she still made me eat a plate full of tomatoes and cheese. It was not fun. Then Wednesday I was so sick I had to call Hermana Woodward, who gave me permission to stay in one day and rest. But we had to go the office to get something and while we were there all of the missionaries were like "whoa, Hermana Stanley, what happened??" It wasn’t great, but it’s over now :) While we were there they gave me the package. I just about cried because I was so miserable and then I got a package! We made a lot of progress this week in our sector. Apart from Cristobal, we also have Johana and family, Humberto and family, Marta, Polonia, and Alejandra, who are progressing rapidly! Your prayers for them are always welcome :) On Friday we had the opportunity to watch the funeral of President Monson! It was a beautiful service and President Monson lived a beautiful life! During the service I realized how much I miss singing and good music. I just wanted to stand up and sing with the Mormon tab! I think maybe I will be a music major ha-ha, jk I have no clue but I miss singing! I took a picture of our mission hymn, YOU GUYS SHOULD SING IT ONE DAY!! It’s awesome!! I can almost play it without a hitch, I just don’t have time to practice. But it’s coming along! That’s all for the week! 

Love you all, keep writing me!!

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