Monday, January 29, 2018

Rayando la papa

Familia, amigos, amigas, y otras personas!
Well, another week in the life of a missionary in Chile! This week I actually experienced quite a bit of stress! I’m getting more and more stressed about the fact that in three weeks, the Lord will be entrusting me with the responsibility of my sector! That’s a lot of pressure, but I have three more weeks to be prepared! Hah pray for me! But I coped with the stress by working hard, and that helped a lot!! This week we got invited to go eat at a restaurant where a lady in my ward works. We went and we ordered completos. But nobody told us how HUGE the completos are. They were longer than a foot long, and we had to eat it all because this sweet Hermana was paying for us! It was SO FUN. That’s something I love about Hna Dinamarca, everything is always fun and funny. We were laughing so hard as we crammed more and more completo into our stomachs. Don’t worry, I got pictures! Directly after that, we had interviews with President! I never have anything to tell him, because seriously I’m fine! Life’s good, I love being a missionary! Not every moment is perfect, but most are good! He said that he has heard from all of my leaders that my Spanish is "incredible" to quote him, so that was nice :) This week, we put another baptismal date!! LA MARTITA will be baptized the 10th of February. Everything is still good for our baptism this weekend too! I’m so happy! the both of them have really grown in their testimonies and they will both be amazing members of the church! The really good news is that now we know the age of Marta because we asked to see her ID. Ha-ha she wasn’t sure if she was 62 or 82 (no joke) but now we know that she is 74. We are also starting to teach Alejandra y Jorge! Jorge has all kinds of crazy beliefs ha-ha! He said that he believes in the sun, so we said that Jesus Christ is the light of the World. He said he believes that we have power to change things when we focus, so we said faith! He said that we have power to heal one another with our minds so we said priesthood! He said that we are all god, so we said that we are all children of god with potential to become like Him! I was chatting with a less active member the other day who I had never met, when he all of a sudden said, "you have at least one year in the mission" so I said that I have three months, and he DIDN’T BELIEVE ME. I had to get the other missionaries to swear for me ha-ha! That gave me a little bit of confidence!! In the church building the other day, I found a cheese grater and I mentioned that I wanted one of those, so they gave it to me. And Dinamarca said that I wanted to grate potatoes. And I said no its for cheese, but she kept telling people I wanted it for potatoes, and I was like "no, I want it for CHEESE." And finally she mentioned that Rayar la papa is a phrase in Chilean, that means goof off. It was so funny once I understood. 
The other night, while we ere trying to go to sleep I was trying to see if I could say all of the books in the Book of Mormon and in the New Testament in order. Then I said, but don’t worry, I know all of the books in DyC. And I started to count to 137 in Spanish while my companion is just dying of laughter in her bed. It was good practice actually.  And so my dear friends and family, you can see that I am still the same goofy me I always was. I’ve been under a lot of stress, but I’m really happy! I love working in the Lords vineyard! I love working hard every day for other people! God loves you! 

Hermana Stanley

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