Tuesday, January 2, 2018


So much happened this week and yet nothing at the same time ha-ha! We had divisiones with our capcitadora this week. I was with her all day Tuesday and WOW I learned so much! In her sector where we worked I was able to see so many things I can do better, but also things WE can do better in my sector! We set some goals with her and the majority were related to participating more and remembering that I have responsibility for my sector too! I am so excited! So with that in mind, I read in Predicad mi Envagelio that we should be teaching the message of la Restauracion to the members too! I thought we could create a calendar, and try to have a noche de hogar with every family in the ward in the month of January so that they can gain more confidence in us, and so we can excite them about missionary work! We had correlacion with the Obispo in the morning on Sunday and he loved the idea. So at the beginning of the first class (church is backwards) I presented it to the ward and they loved it too! Dinamarca is really making me take the initiative on this one since It was my idea, and we have our first one tonight, so wish us luck!! We had the most bomb lesson with Johana, Dontito, Carlos y Estefaunia. We finished leccion 1 and they were so excited to be able to read and pray and find out for themselves!! We have another lesson with them tonight and we are bringing a member and we are gonna teach lesson 3 and invite her to be baptized. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM! We haven’t found Mauro again yet, but we are gonna try him today. Polonia has gotten really anxious about knowing when we are going to come to her house because one week we didn’t have time. We think she is really ready this time! We are gonna extend the IB this week too! Maipù vamos por arriba esta semana!! We had correlacion with the bishop this Sunday because our ward mission leader is inactive, and it was super great! He went over our informe, and basically helped us to shift our focus. We have been focusing so much on the retention is our sector lately, that our numbers have been really low. That’s bad, our primary purpose is investigators. The bishop told us to stop visiting all the retentions who are just choosing not to attend. He said "work with those who have done something to show their faith" and I think that must be how heavenly Father works with us too! So año nuevo we had cena with a super awesome family who have a son in the mission, so they really took care of us! we had choripan! It’s like a tiny little completo with super good meat and chilean bread! So good! I peeled a potato without a potato peeler for the first time in my life ha-ha! We ate banana splits at midnight, and then in the first minute of the new year, I saw this FREAKING GIGANTIC SPIDER. So I said, ¨hermana, necesito un favor.” And she knew it was some type of bug so she said ¨la re hiel loco donde esta??" So I run to the room, wait til I hear a couple of smacks and then come back out. She really is the best ;) Then there was a moth so we repeated the process. First five minute of 2018!! Woohoo!! yesterday we were doing NOTHING and I mean nothing. Our apartment was in la hiel, we were in la hiel and it was awesome. When all of a sudden D gets a phone call from the pensionists. She hangs up the phone and says, " los pensionistas vienen" so I said, " le re hiel loco, donde estan?" So she starts dying of laughter and manages to squeak out that we have ten minutes. So I’m frantically running through the apartment trying to clean and D is sitting on the kitchen floor scrubbing at it and crying. It was the most stressful ten minutes of my life, but hey we did it :) The good thing is that we have a DRYER now! Yawl just don’t understand we are living the high life. We are the first hermanas in the mission to have one, and today they are gonna bring us a fan and a sofa!! I am going to be in a trio this week with H Dudley because her companion is going home a week early for school! The thing is that Dudley was the last person is Maipù with Dinamarca. Va a ser LOCISIMA! Pero estoy tan animada! 
Bueno, I love you all! Have fun family in Mexico! Send me lots of pics and maybe an email or two of what all you’ve done! I love you! 
Hermana Stanley


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