Monday, December 4, 2017


Hola familia y amigos!!
I’m a real missionary now... whoa it hasn’t really sunk in yet. My first area is called Maipu, it is right by the mission office, like ten minutes in a taxi, and it is hard core city. My trainer’s name is Hermana Dinamarca y ella es CHILENA WOOT WOOT. If you can imagine a Latina and a redhead, that pretty much describes her. She seriously es la mejor. I love her so much. She is crazy, fun, funny, full of love and life, she is exactly who I needed!! When I got to my apartment, she had it all decorated for me all cute!  The members give us lunch every day, which they eat at 2 so I am always starving by then. Then we eat “once” at 8 at night, so sometimes one of investigators gives us that. It is always bread, palta, y queso! oh, y coke. Ha-ha siempre lo mismo. We eat something different every day, a lot of rice, and GUESS WHAT I ATE!! FISH. Dinamarca and I have a system where we arrive early and we offer to help with the serving. So one of us serves and when the other has put as much on your plate as you want you just clear your throat. Ha-ha sneaky hermanas... I gave myself barely any fish, but yawl aren’t even going to believe me... I actually liked it a lot. I couldn’t even tell it was fish. I ate it all, and then asked what kind of fish it was. It was TUNA. LOCISIMO. I’m gonna need a round of applause. We had a relief society activity where we ate food and all the little chilena ladies wanted to feed the gringa, so I had to choke down pastel de choclo, which frankly was awful because it had aceitunas in it. but I ate it all!! I have the most spectacular investigator! Her name is Poloña, she has 70 years, and she was baptized 20 years ago. The only thing is that the Elders didn’t really explain what she was doing, so she never got confirmed, making her an investigator. Loco. She lovessss the missionaries because they have been visiting her for 20 years ha-ha. We always go by her when we get hungry because she always says, ¨mi niñas, tienen hambre?´ Another surprise twist is that this week, we taught in CREOLE almost as much as we taught in español. Lord bless me with the gift of tongues. en serio. Tomorrow, I have to teach lesson 3 by myself in creole. There are so many haitianos here, and the hard part is that they all live in houses that are just boxes made out of ply wood. They usually live about 10 to one house, not including their children. It’s really hard for me to see so many people who are just destitute. The living conditions for some of them are really heartbreaking. A lot of times, we teach outside because we don’t want to go in. We also went to one house; I can’t even describe it but it was disgusting. Jeseña, her sister Joana, and their babies. Garbage everywhere, flies, cats, dogs, bugs, dirt, you name it. I had to repent a little after that lesson, because I was so focused on myself and how grossed out I was. But the little baby Briana in the middle of the prayer, ripped off her diaper and handed it to me. That was pretty funny. I get asked to help with English a lot, which I love because it is something that I can do!  Okay scary story!! Don’t freak out mom!! We were walking around, and these two drunk ladies walked up to us and wanted to talk. We were going to get their direction, but they said come now. As we walked to their house I could just feel that something was wrong. I was sweating and nervous. I said a prayer under my breath that the Lord would help me to discern if it was the spirit or if I was just uncomfortable. It was not just me. We got to their house, I can’t explain it, similar to the haitiano houses but no roof, just garbage and broken glass. It was pretty sketchy. But Dinamarca got a phone call and said we had to leave. Once we left, she said there was no call but she knew we needed to leave. You have to be careful with the drunk people because if you offend them you can be in real danger. The elders are going to go visit them now. I was so grateful for my companion who just knew what to do! Surely the Lord is protecting me!! 
Yesterday was my first Sunday in my cute little ward. I had to play the piano for Sacrament, and give a five-minute talk ;) woot woot. OH! Janice Kapp Perry served in my mission, and she wrote a song for my mission! I’m gonna learn it on the piano because we sing it all the time!! I’ll send you guys the music eventually! I love you all. In 22 days we can talk!!
Love you all, pics next week 

Hermana Stanley

First Companion Hermana Dinamarca

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