Monday, December 10, 2018

Lots and Lots of Referrals!

Hola hola hola! este es bien!! 
There was a Haitian guy in Monumento who only knew how to say that in Spanish, so we always used to say it, jaja!  

First thing to tell this week is that the Christmas choir that Hna Woodward put together finally started performing! We performed three times this week, twice in the feria, once on the corner of a university, and once in this gigantic park in Santiago called Parque O Higgins. I’s like the equivalent of central park! The first time, in just two hours we got 80 referrals! The second time also, the third time 70, and the last time a grand total of 115 referencias!! Wooohooooo!!! I love singing in these things. Funny story though, we have this piece called "Peace, Peace!" and it’s all slow and pretty about peace on earth. As we started singing it on a college campus, all of a sudden, the carabineros (police officers) SWAT TEAM parks their van in front of us, and a whole bunch of officers jump out in all of their gear, with these gigantic full body shields, and they start running up and down the street. Nobody could keep it together, jajajaja. I was in tears, I was laughing so hard. Luckily, it’s a short piece. When we got through it, we all just started laughing and we went to look what had happened. In Chile, we are having lots, and lots, and LOTS of protests, because some police officer in the south killed a mapuche (mapuches are the native people here). Anyway, the protests are really scary because they let off these bombs that don’t really do anything bad but they smell terrible and they hurt your eyes really bad (I think it might be tear gas but I don’t really know what that is sooo). Anyway, it was a small protest happening nearby but not anything too scary, don’t worry. :) 

Also, this weekend, we had a wedding and a baptism planned! In the end, only the wedding happened. Hna Miller and I felt impressed to have their baptism not so close to their wedding so they can focus on the promise they’re gonna make with God :). But the wedding was a total success. The only failure was that I didn’t get a pic with the bride and groom because I had to leave early to go sing! But I left my camera with my comp so she took pics!  

And the bad news as far as the baptisms goes is that.... I won’t be there!!! because I got transfers :/  This cambio, I’m going to be back in Esquina Blanca, which is the ward right there in the office, and my comps will be Hna Retamal (Chilena, who I already spent all last cambio with, and who suffers from her spine, though nobody knows what she has, she was supposed to go home but the area won’t let her for another three weeks) and Hna Ramos (BRASILLLLL and I have always wanted to be her comp, we’re like BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFS. She has a herniated disc, and will probably be going home this cambio! :( ) but yeah, I’m stoked. I really, really love both of them and we are already good friends! Anyway, we are going to be in the office like full time, all day every day I think because both of them are worse off than I am ha-ha :) But they both have such good attitudes, it’ll be fun! The other fun thing is that, the two APs are from Brazil, and one of the two secretaries is too!! I’M GOING TO LEARN SO MUCH PORTUGUES! Last cambio, I finally made some serious progress on my Creole, so now I’ll be able to keep that up and remember that Portuguese I’d learned.

Love, Hermana Stanley 


Christmas Choir

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