Monday, December 17, 2018

I WON'T Be Home For Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Many of you will have heard, but this last weekend, we realized that something was seriously wrong with my foot. I was still in a lot of pain, and so on Wednesday, they took me to get another x ray and see what’s up! I realized that if they told me that the bone was crooked, going home and surgery, if the bone was just taking a long time to heal, going home, if they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, going home. There were no good options and I just said "God, please fix this. I’m not ready to go!!" And you guys, God really heard my prayer this time, because when my X ray came back, they told me that my fracture looks great! The pain I was feeling was caused by too much time in the boot, and that it was time for me to take it off and start to walk without it, and that over the course of one more month, I was going to be walking like a normal missionary again!!!! So even though I love you all a lot, and I miss you, I’m sooooo happy to say: I WONT BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS WOOHOOO!!!!!! I really got scared there, but no!!! 

I can get the HECK INTO WORKING AGAIN, I’M SO HAPPY!!!! I’m just full of joy. I just can stop saying it, I’m going to be a missionary again!!! 

I am really being pushed as far as piano goes this week. I ended up having to learn how to play "O Holy Night.” I had about an hour to get it performance ready, and I ended up sight reading in a choir rehearsal, Far Far Away on Judea’s Plains.... in F sharp. Jajajjajaj, it was not that pretty let’s just say, but I lived through it. 

Today, I went and made gingerbread houses with the hnas in the zone, except without gingerbread cuz that’s expensive!! Super fun! I have the best time ever with my trio!! Yesterday we left to work for only like an hour, and we ended putting a baptismal date with a Venezuelan named Rafael, who happens to be a family member of a Venezuelan family in el conquistador  who actually were the ones who gave Valentina, one of my converts, as a reference! And now they live in my new sector!!! Woohoo!!! We went and did a service project with the zone where we visited and sang to old people, and I met this little old lady named Lucy who was a super adorable, and I got pics with her! 

We ate Colombian food this week. it was good, rice with roasted peanuts, chicken, and carne mixed together, with like lettuce wraps and this sweet honey sauce!! yummmmmm! 

Love, Hermana Stanley


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