Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Conference, Corn Dogs, and Kernizan

I just want to say that I love the new prophet, he’s the bomb, he’s gonna have us ready for the second coming so quick! We were so excited for conference Vilches and I could hardly handle it! Two reasons 1- straight inspiration!!!!!!
2- it’s the only time that we as missionaries have the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing but goof off for like 12 hours. We got our own room to be able to see it in English. The thing is there’s only one elder in the zone out of ten who’s not gringo, so it was basically like the whole zone was there, except the one elder, my comp and one other, ha-ha. A few Latinas that speak English even stayed to watch with us because we had a party. We all brought a ton of food and just put it on the table and munched the whole time! SOOO thinking about what snack I would like to take to our gringo party. I thought... I would kill for a corn dog... that’s right folks, I may be in Chile, but I learned how to make corn dogs!!  The corn dogs went great! I practiced them on Thursday night with a family in my ward (a TOTALLY fun FHE). Then on Saturday morning I got up and made like 25 corn dogs. They really did turn out pretty good. The whole zone ate them in just a few minutes, ha-ha. The funny part was that my zone leader is like super into exercise, he’s like a body builder and all that. So much so that like every week he makes every missionary in his zone report your best plank time. SO he’s crazy. He also does NOT DOES NOT eat any (good) food ever. He will buy cake for someone’s bday and not even eat a little bit. So Vilches and I were sitting there deep frying, and we had more batter. We ran out of hot dogs, so I thought, what else can I deep fry??? And there were just two carrots sitting there on the counter. SO I DEEP FRIED THEM, and put them on a stick. They looked just like corn dogs, and I gave them to him I said "elder, I made these healthy corn dogs just for you:" The whole zone laughed so hard. He bites in and he’s like "Stanley, did you deep fry a carrot?????" SO FUNNY. Just me being my same old clever self heehee :) 

Also funny thing. A really funny elder in my zone had a bunch of pickles. He offered me one, I said I didn’t like pickles. So he says "have you ever tried one hna?" I realized that like,..-.. no. So since I have overcome all fear of eating anything once, I tried a pickle! Turns out they’re pretty good! 20 years of my life have been a lie!! All of those years of pulling pickles off my McDonald’s burger!!! 

Another fun thing I tried this week is something very Chilean..... ALCACHOFA! It’s a vegetable/ flower that you chew on and then spit out... it was .... weird... I don’t know... but hey it was funny trying! I made lots of videos, I’ll try to get em to you guys! 

Kernizan is a Haitian investigator that we have. He’s sooo amazing! He’s going to be baptized on Saturday, if all goes well!! He has been so diligent in praying to know the truth, going to church, and reading in the BoM, a real example to me. I know that if we honestly seek to know these things, with real intent to do what God tells us to do, He WILL answer us! 

I loved so many talks, I can’t even remember them all because they all kind of blurred together! next week I’ll get back to you on that one a little bit more!! 

Today, we had a really fun zone activity. Our zone hiked a mountain! The fun part was that we had to leave really early in the morning, so all of the hnas from the zone came over, and we had a sleep over!!!! We had so much fun!!!!! We made brownies and french toast, we danced the cueca, we talked about everything we could think of, and just so you know, Hna Vilches is funny during the day, but at 4:30 in the morning, you can’t handle her!!!! So then early in the morning we met up with the elders and we hiked a mountain! It was really fun. We got to a good spot and started a small little fire where we made the best s’mores we could do! It was kinda raining but that just made it more fun!!! And we got home at like 11 or something, it was an early day! We were exhausted but it was really fun! OH YEAH, guess what we found on an elder’s foot while up on the mountain!!!  A WILD TARANTULA!!! I was dying... it was SO BIG!! 

I love you all, sorry my email is not that coherent or spiritual today,.... I only slept about an hour and half, and there were five of us on two mattresses so I mean, I didn’t really sleep much ha-ha! I love you all!!! 

Love, Hna Stanley


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