Monday, April 16, 2018

Animo no mas

The subject of this email would be an example of an Hna Stanley classic- FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! For those of who didn’t understand it, it says, just have enthusiasm. 

Yep folks, we’ve been little down in El Conquistador II this week. We just don’t have anybody. We just don’t have people. My poor companion had been here two months, and this week she finally just cracked. She gave up a little bit this week, which I understand. It was hard because it meant I had to have enough enthusiasm and energy for both of us. Also, I had to plan, direct, and basically do just about everything this week. That was hard cuz I’ve been here for like two seconds. I don’t know how I changed to italics but I don’t know how to change it back ha-ha. But I did that for a few days, and we got through it. What has been really hard is that we have been trying to come up with really different ideas to find people, because we have already done all of the traditional stuff, and nothing, NOTHING worked out. We were just like "AHHH Lord what else is there?? What more can we do???"  So by that point, we bought ourselves an ice cream and we talked about high school musical for a bit there, ha-ha. But it’s okay. I know Heavenly Father is going to bless us, He is just testing our dedication, trying to see if we really have the desires to do this and WE DO!  

We had our first class de canto (singing) in the area this week. It was a big success! Well, class-wise. A couple of people turned up off the streets, and both of them have lots of questions about what we believe, but neither of them live in our sector. We were about 10 in total, some converts, investigators, and new people!! Everybody in the class had the guts to get up and sing a solo!! We are going to be working in a group voice lesson type setting, each person working on their own piece in their own style, but working together :) it’s gonna be great. I was over the moon happy. We also brought a little bit of food to share and afterwards we got to talking, and these few guys just starting asking questions about our beliefs. We ended up teaching almost all of lesson 1, the restoration, just by answering their questions. It was really cool!! I’m excited to keep working with them, they have a lot of talent!! 

This morning, the bishop of another ward took us, along with the hnas in his ward up to this cool little hill thing that is right on the edge of our zone. It was gorgeous, and it’s cool, because it CAMPO (in the country)! It was like being home!! There were even cows. COWS. My eyes teared up when we got to the cows and not just because it smelled bad. But the coolest part was that as we were driving, we happened upon this whole little pueblito, and the bishop said, hnas, this is your ward. And we realized that it’s probably our sector but we just never had any idea... I’m still in shock. We have to go figure it out, but if it really is ours, that’s the Lord answering our prayers in a BIG WAY! But that was our week here in El Conquistador. Making it work. Please everyone pray that we can stay excited, and more than anything that we can find people!! Today, I hit exactly one year from my release date. In two days, I hit exactly six months in the mission! It’s just going by so fast!  I love you all! I know Heavenly Father blesses us in His time! can’t wait to see you all in skype in one month :) Happy Birthday Tenn, Mom, and Josh :) 
Love, Hna Stanley

 Visiting Peñaflor

 Hiking on Pday

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