Monday, March 12, 2018

Hola Hola!

HOLA HOLA as the Chileans say! Well, we had a good week here in Maipu. We had divisiones with my sister training leader, and she helped me to recognize some of the strengths I didn’t know I had. I’ve been thinking about transfers this week and what I think will happen. Just when I had settled on that I will leave Maipu and go to zone republica, I got a little surprise. I was sitting on my bed, when the phone rings at 10:40 at night, I look at it, and it says "PRESIDENTE WOODWARD" SO IM LIKE, WELL IM THE JUNIOR COMPANION HERE, SO HERE YA GO HNA SCHENK. So then presidente asked to talk to me. I was freaking out ha-ha. But it’s all good! Presidente has given me a special assignment. I will now be teaching a singing class to the community once a week :) So now I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting transfers ha-ha. If we have just barely gotten the class up and going, he isn’t gonna pull me and put me somewhere new. Or maybe he will :) We´ll find out!! But that’s the biggest thing that happened! I’m flattered because it shows the trust president has in my language. That’s probably what makes me most nervous! But that’s all the time I have today basically! I was studying a little bit this week in PME and we´ve been practicing teaching the lessons in a way that is simple and understandable. We now have to take videos of ourselves teaching, and watch them to evaluate! I’m gonna send you guys one!

I love you. Please get involved in missionary work! It really is more your job than the missionaries! HF wants to bless you for being involved in his "work and his glory" 

Praying for you always!
Hna Stanley

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