Monday, February 12, 2018

I'm German?

Okay, I have nothing in time today, but a lot happened so here I go.
Firstly, Marta was not baptized this weekend. She got invited to go to the
beach, so her baptism will be this weekend! Don’t worry, everything is
still peachy with her!! The sad thing that happened this week was with
Cristobal, our now recent convert. He was raised by his aunt, who has been
in the hospital because she had a heart attack. Things weren’t looking
good Monday, so we went and visited him on Tuesday morning and she was
still with us. Tuesday afternoon she passed away. We were with him all
evening and with his family. The good thing is that like half of his
family is Mormon!! We got special permission from President to leave the
zone and attend the funeral. When we told this to Cristobal, he told us
the funeral was the following day, and asked if I would be willing to sing
Ave Maria. The other half of his family are VERY catholic. So of course I
said I’d do what I could!! The next day we scrambled, found the music, I
learned it, and Wednesday afternoon there we were in a GIGANT catholic
cathedral, with me at the front, singing Ave Maria as the carried in the
caskette (I forgot how to spell that...) I was soo nervous, but acoustics
were so gorgeous, I’ve never sounded so good, ha-ha! It was a very
catholic service, but it actually helped me a lot! We work with so many
Catholics, that is good to understand what they are used to! I really
enjoyed it. Someone was giving a talk when Cristobal’s dad, who was
directing the service, announced that he would like to invite las
misioneras to offer prayer. So we misunderstood and we thought it was just
a prayer. So Dinamarca gets up and offers a prayer, like normal. But he
says, "and now Hermana Stanley will offer a scripture" so I had about 5
seconds to think of something because I’m in a catholic cathedral, and I
only carry my trio so I only have my libro de mormon. By some miracle, my
mind was clear, and I shared the scripture in Mosiah that quotes Isiah
about the Savior, and how "with his stripes, we are healed" You guys, the
lord FILLS YOUR MOUTH as a missionary!! I testify!! 

Well, we had a crazy guy walk up to us and start bagging on the US and
started yelling at me, so hna Dinamarca said I was from Germany. He didn’t
believe me and the situation was a little intense, so I just start saying
straight German words from pieces I’ve performed before. Another time when
the Lord filled my mouth ha-ha! Another crazy guy walked up to us and
started asking about our religion too. He said, "oh Mormons, you guys know
more than the FBI, right??" Maybe about the Plan of Salvation, ha-ha! The
biggest news of the week is that, I made my goal! Ladies and Gents, having
started el Libro de Mormon at the beginning of my training, this week... I
FINISHED!! IN SPANISH!! Woohoo!! A week early ha-ha. I may have gotten a
little stressed during Alma and may have read a little bit much! But its
good!! This week hna Dinamarca (who for the record, I love dearly and I’m
so grateful she’s doing this) has decided that in order to help me with
the transition of when she leaves next week, this whole week, I will have
the cell phone, I will not be allowed to use the speakerphone. I will be
planning, and directing during the day, and basically making all of the
decisions. Its good, because she says that I’ll have to do it when she
leaves. So this week I can have a practice week, a week to do it but with
a little bit of her help!! So get ready for a very interesting week
ha-ha!! Oh, we are also participating in the stake choir! When I arrived
and said "I’m a soprano but I read music so I can sing whatever you need"
the director almost cried. And when I started singing with the altos, she
did cry ha-ha! I’m happy to serve with something I love!! 

Well you guys, being a missionary is the best!! I love it! I love serving,
helping people, bettering myself, and just being so close to my Heavenly
Father! I hope I can maintain this closeness forever! 

Hna Stanley

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