Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Don't worry, every missionary department has an ark"

....said Presidente Brady when we asked him about how much rain to expect in the winter... oh boy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Obviously that is not a holiday down here, except in the CCM! Hermana Brady instructed all of the Latinos to ask us about what Thanksgiving is, which led to me trying to explain stuffing en español. Last jueves, my teacher walked up to me and said, " Hermana Stanley, you 100 percent have the potential to speak solo español. There is no reason for you to ever speak English." So solo español for me from there on out! It was a quiet week for me ;) A little Latina lady came up to my district on jueves and said she needed to see our name tags. When she saw mine she asked if my mom was named Lori. She took a picture of me, said something about a package, and ran off! Then later I got a package with a dozen donuts in it ;) THANK YOU MOMMY!! They were delicious and I still have two ha-ha. I taught Relief Society this week about the Holy Ghost and it went great. I centered it mostly around 1 Nefi 10:17 (read it). We spend most meal times just crying for laughter with the Latinas, they are HILARIOUS. I´ve been learning how to dutch braid also :) I´m getting pretty good at it! Another thing I’m getting pretty good at- FUTBOL. I know yawl probably don’t even believe me but I swear its true. We have so much fun and I’m telling you guys, I really am getting to the point where I can play, which is good because playing futbol is a life skill down here. My sweet teacher, Hermana Jimenez has been learning English because she is going to be moving to Provo after Christmas! Her favorite phrase right now is, "Don’t everybody jump at once" She is so cute!! I’ve been playing the piano so so much. I had to play for Sacrament, (I played Now Let Us Rejoice, O God the Eternal Father, and Lord Dismiss us with Thy Blessing, in case you were wondering). You guys, I’ve really been fighting with myself this week. I’ve been feeling like such an inadequate teacher and I’ve been soooo frustrated with myself. On Monday night I was in tears at my bedside crying to the Lord for comfort, encouragement, hope, and faith in myself. I poured out my soul to Him in complete humility. I crawled into bed feeling surrounded by Christ´s love. The next day I was hoping for a better day, and last night, I taught the most AMAZING lesson. We said a prayer right before we went in and I just pleaded in my head for the Lord to help me and guide me. We got into the lesson with Ariana, who always smokes in the middle of our lessons, and she immediately told us that she had read the Palabra de Sabiduría folleto, and she was down to one cigarette day. Then she had questions about Joseph Smith. That was not the direction we had planned at all, yet where I normally freeze up, I could see clear as day how we could talk about the doctrines we had planned, and still address her needs. We talked about JS and how he revealed the word of wisdom, we talked about 1 Nefi 3:7 and how the Lord always provides a way to do that which he has commanded. We promised her she could quit smoking COMPLETELY. The Spirit was so present. My teacher ended up pausing the lesson and congratulating us. I just, you guys need to know, Heavenly Father is listening to you. He heard me when I cried and He heard me when I pleaded! He’s listening. One more thought. We may be disappointed in ourselves, but the Savior is NEVER disappointed in a heart turned toward repentance. We may be embarrassed by our shortcomings, but Christ is proud of a heart that wants to change. 
Mucho mucho amor para todo, 

Hermana Mads

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