Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I talked with Brad Wilcox!

On June 8th, I opened the mailbox and once again walked away disappointed. That evening I got to perform as a soloist at “An Evangelical-Mormon Conversation” event where Brother Brad Wilcox was speaking. I sang "Consider the Lilies," and afterward I got to meet Brother Wilcox who had been a mission president over Santiago East! I told him that I was expecting a mission call any day. He lovingly put his arm around me and said, "Oh Maddie, I hope you go to Chile!" AND THEN TWO DAYS LATER THAT'S EXACTLY WHERE I'M GOING. So I emailed him and told him that. Enclosed is the email he sent back to me not ten minutes later. 

"How crazy is that?  I served in Chile as a young man (Vina) and then in Santiago East as a mission president.  Our mission is just a little smaller than yours.  Yours includes some of the coast (lucky) while ours was all big city.  Funny that I said I wanted you to go to Chile.  Ha.  I guess I was more in tune than I thought I was!  You will love it there.  You will love the members there and the language and the food.  They love music so I hope you get to share your music with them too.  Thanks for remembering to let me know.  That just made my day.  Love, Brad Wilcox"

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